Who are the team behind The Country Garden?

We are Jessica & Zoë, school friends for over three decades (!) who decided to open a shop selling eco friendly and beautiful things. Mostly that we wanted for ourselves... but also thought we could share with others. 

Country Garden Ltd

With the trend towards sustainability now expected as well as a motivating factor, we were inspired by beautiful home and gardenware products that we found that were practical, ecofriendly, reusable and sustainable. We also decided that we wanted a challenge of our own that was different what we normally did (everything apart from retail it turns out), and of course to be a role model to little entrepreneurs Naomi and Sadie- #girlpower) we decided to source products for our online shop.

Packing up our Hammam Towels ready to go!
Packing up our lovely Hammam Towels ready to go!

We have looked for eco friendly and sustainable for most of our products and packaging, and for things we would love in our homes to give or to receive, including cute things for home and garden, ceramics, kids picnic ideas, outdoor dining inspiration, homeware, and beach picnic items. The last one is aspirational for the UK, but hey, there's always a few nice bank holidays! 

We ate everything on our photoshoot today and drank a lot of coffee!
Little fact, we eat everything on the photoshoots... yum

For our sustainability drive, most of our products are from sustainable sources such as bamboo, coconut, palm weave, and glass. We also have invested in 40% recycled plastic where we have to include it, and our packaging is recycled cardboard and paper - even our sticky tape is made from paper and gum! (Unfortunately sometimes we are required to polythene things by delivery companies- but no one is perfect… yet!). So we are trying to make a different and say 'no' to plastic where we can (yes we have plastic picnic glasses, but we have kids and dogs so this is a practical issue...., and our plastic is 40% recycled) and trying to say 'yes' to more ecofriendly products, and a big 'yes' to al fresco living! Bring on the summer!

The Country Garden

So cheers, and we hope you enjoy our products. Our favourites, if you want to know, are the Bormioli Rocco Italian glassware range, from the water bottles to the oil and vinegar bottles. They are all gorgeous!! Thanks for supporting our small business, and we hope you shop again with us soon.

Bormioli Rocco Vintage Water Bottle
Our favourite vintage style Bormioli Rocco water bottle